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ESI established in August 2009 born in Sydney through love of music. ESI has focused on many genres of hard dance with a strong focus on the experimental sounds of raw.

We strive to provide the full experience! Every event is planned to ensure everything is aligned. Music, production, sound, lighting combined with the ESI Army that brings an unrivaled vibe!


DARKNESS 2019 The Recap

It’s no exaggeration to say that the hype for ESI Darkness has been at fever pitch for weeks, with tickets sold out almost three months prior to the event. Previous ESI events have brought us Daylight, then the contrasting sounds of Daylight & Darkness, and now the time has come for ESI Darkness, a celebration of the pure Raw sounds of the underground. It may be a Sydney summer day in the outside world but as we step through the doors of Manning Bar we are submitting ourselves to the power of Darkness.
We’re here to witness the homecoming of one of Australia’s finest hard dance exports, Delete. Since headlining the very first ESI event almost a decade ago, Delete has become a leading name in the Raw movement worldwide and now he’s in town to showcase his incredible new album, Alpha Omega.
A dress code has been put in place for Darkness, with all attendees required to wear black. Just quietly, this could be the easiest dress code ever. Let this day of Darkness commence!
Opening duties lie with Risqué, one of the most versatile artists to enter the hard dance scene in recent years, followed by Mixen Vixen representing Hard Bass Beats radio. As Mixen Vixen takes to the stage it’s absolutely clear that the growing crowd don’t need a warm up set. Everyone’s here for the hardest Raw sounds and that’s exactly what she delivers.
Our first interstate artist of the night, Divergence, is up next followed by a much loved ESI favourite, The Principal. With the arena packed out by the start of his set, The Principal sends Raw energy flooding across the dancefloor. His set wraps up perfectly with Phuture Noize & B-Front’s “The Solution”.
There’s a real ESI family moment on the dancefloor when Buursen drops “Pinsir”, an echo back to Neroz’s performance at ESI Raw As F**k last year. Absolutely everyone’s arms are in the air for the famous Pinsir dance move.
Darkness may be all about relentlessly rough, hard beats but the aggression in the music translates into passion on the dancefloor. Ravers bust out hakks and kickrolls with the biggest smiles on their faces. From the very front row to the back of the arena, this is one of the friendliest and most enthusiastic crowds you could ever wish to be a part of.
It’s hard to know when to take a break from the dancefloor, but for those who need to refuel Lucky’s bistro is serving up burgers, buttermilk fried chicken, waffle fries and so much more out on the terrace. With the terrace doors flung open there’s cool air flowing into the arena while the music can still be clearly heard outside, meaning everyone can take a moment to chill without missing a beat.

Lihan, aka Jono Gibb, the mastermind behind the ESI brand, warms up the decks for Delete. It’s a delight to see Jono’s mum Julie watching on proudly from the side of the stage and at the end of the set she joins the artists and crew for a very special ESI family photo.
As day turns into night, the moment we’ve all been waiting for approaches. You can feel the anticipation in the air as fans swarm closer to the stage for the arrival of… Delete. For the next hour the power of Delete’s unique Raw sound surges through the arena as almost one thousand fans stomp, hakk and sweat in an intense display of devotion to Delete and his music.
It’s only a couple of months since Alpha Omega was officially unleashed but make no mistake, there are tracks on this album which are fast approaching anthem status. From the dramatic lead of “Victorious” to the distorted punch of “Disco Weapon”, virtually every track gets a round of cheers and applause as ravers take a moment to draw breath before the next kickdrum onslaught. The breathtaking shotgun kicks of “Payback” undoubtedly get the biggest reaction of the night.
Tim Dawes and Raw Machine are reunited for tonight as Ridiculously Raw, exactly a year since their last performance together. Taking over from Delete they hold no punches and keep the crowd jumping.
ESI has taken production to a whole new level tonight, with Sydney Metro AV and Man Lie Lasers at the helm. Visuals by PKVFX, capturing the theme of Darkness, fill ten vertical LED screens placed in formation at the back and sides of the stage.
On the mic tonight from open to close is MC Pez, hosting the night and sending the crowd hype levels up into the stratosphere.
There’s still unstoppable energy in the crowd as Anderex takes to the stage. Absolutely everyone in the Australian hard dance scene has been talking about this young artist in recent times and each time he gets behind the decks he shows us exactly why he’s rising up fast through the ranks. His label debut for Gearbox Digital, the phenomenal “Gucci Bag”, drops mid-way through a set which holds the crowd captive from start to finish.
There’s only one way to up the ante after a night of unadulterated Raw beats and of course that’s to have a Hardcore closing set. With the crowd more than ready to go fast for the final hour, Scatterlie delivers a fast and furious set that has plenty of ravers still on the dancefloor until the very end of the night.
As the lights eventually come up and we make a move toward the exits, everyone’s asking the question ‘When can we do that again?!’. We didn’t have to wait too long after the event for an answer. ESI returns to Manning Bar on Saturday 20th July with Raw As F**k, lock that date in your diary now because tickets are selling fast!


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